Weigh in Motion Kuwait

Weigh in Motion (WiM) Installation for the Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed Al Sabah Causeway Project

Under the lead of SWARCO Saudi and specialists from SWARCO Germany, the first SWARCO WiM application for the Middle East was successfully implemented, with our local system integrator Al Shamlan International, in Kuwait.

The WiM system is used for preselecting vehicles with overloads on 3 lanes plus emergency lane in 3 different locations. The vehicles are detected, programmable VMS display the according license number and the vehicles are prompted to exit the causeway. On the checkpoint they are weighed by calibrated truck scales. The system’s accuracy is according to COAST B+(7).

The project proved to be a great success combining the knowledge and technological resources from within and outside the SWARCO group



June 2018 - February 2019


Setting up a complete Weigh in Motion system combining system parts of several companies within and outside the SWARCO group


Project management, procurement, provision of equipment & installation support


WiM Sensors, WiM data logger, WiM RSU, ANPR, CCTV, mounting plates, VMS LED RGB signs